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From the community: Retired Teacher Develops Innovative Approach to Educating Students New business helps students in their own homes through a one on one and whole family approach

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RLS Tutoring, Inc.
Fostering confidence and academic success through individual attention


North Aurora, IL - October 21, 2015 - When Kathy Biegalski retired from teaching, she did so with very mixed feelings. While she loved being in the classroom, it had become necessary for her to be more available to her family without the demands of working full time. As she faced the prospect of leaving her teaching position, she began to think about her experience and how she could continue to help students outside of the classroom. Armed with decades of experience and a treasure trove of resources, Biegalski recently launched RLS Tutoring, Inc.

"One of the most frustrating things I faced as a teacher was that I was unable to spend one on one time with every student who needed it," recalls Biegalski. "There were consistently long lines of students at my desk who had questions or wanted to be certain that they were doing the classwork correctly. Some just wanted the reassurance that they understood the concepts that were presented in class. Most often the students were quite capable of comprehending the concepts, however they were lacking in the necessary confidence and organizational skills to complete the work." This experience became the foundation of Biegalski's business.

After years of being a teacher and seeing the many different ways that children learn, Biegalski decided to help from the other side of the teacher's desk. Her focus now is on the individual attention that she was not always able to provide while she was in the classroom. However, she helps more than just the students; she helps their families, too. Biegalski accomplishes this goal by tutoring in her students' homes. Her business has grown so rapidly that she now has a highly qualified staff of five tutors who share her vision of providing academic support, guidance and individualized attention to students and their families.

"I have learned so much from my students and their parents. Spending time in the students' homes, I now have a much more comprehensive understanding of the challenges that families face while trying to help their children become successful in school. So many parents want to support their children, but they are not familiar with the curriculum and lessons nor do they always know how to request assistance from the school," Biegalski commented. "RLS tutors understand this, and realize that they're not only tutors for the students, but they are often there to educate and empower parents as well. Sometimes we even serve as liaisons between the parents and the child's school."

Recognizing the challenges facing many families today, RLS Tutoring focuses on homework help during the school year. She says that students have an ample amount of homework each week. Adding to the workload would only burden an already struggling child. Instead, her company teaches students strategies using their homework as part of the lesson. In addition, organizational skills and planning guides are implemented when necessary. Students not only are completing their homework accurately, they are learning life skills that will help them with their self-confidence as well as their academic success.

About RLS Tutoring, Inc.
Founded in 2015 by retired teacher Kathy Biegalski, RLS Tutoring, Inc. is a fully staffed business dedicated to helping students and their families with the demands of the school year. During the summer months, tutors provide lessons to help students bridge from one grade to the next. All tutoring is done in the child's home where he/she is most comfortable. Parents may attend to other household duties while the child is being tutored. At the end of each session, tutors communicate with the parents about the session and plan strategies for the following session. More information can be found atwww.rlstutoringinc.org. For tutoring inquiries, you may contact Kathy Biegalski at rlstutoringinc@gmail.com or at 847-208-2553.

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