RLS Tutoring, Inc.

Fostering confidence and academic success through individual attention


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Fostering Confidence and Academic Success through Individualized Attention

About Us

RLS Tutoring, Inc. is a team of qualified tutors dedicated to the academic success of your child.

Our tutors have been trained so that each one will provide your child with the tools needed to excel in school.

Our Process

Meet and Greet

The first step is to schedule a meet and greet so that we can get to know you, and your child can become comfortable with us.

Schedule a Regular Tutoring Session

We can decide a good time for you and your children where we will come to your home, where your son or daughter is most comfortable, and schedule a regular session.


Sit back and relax and ease the stress of attempting to fit helping your child academically into your busy schedule. Your child is in good hands, so let us work with your child while you tend to other matters.

We offer tutoring services throughout the summer and transition into homework help during the school year. If your child has a pile of homework that they need help with, we can provide our assistance.

Our team is also able to assist parents by giving them guides on how to help their children do better academically. We keep parents completely involved in how their child is doing.

What We Do

✎ Assist children with organizational skills and test preparation 
✎ Provide enrichment for advanced students
✎ Provide homework help
✎ Regularly communicate with parents and teachers
✎ Re-teach lessons as needed
 Prepare students for entrance exams such as ACT, SAT, and HSPT
✎ Summer bridging lessons to prepare for the next grade
✎ Summer camps to strengthen academic skills
 After school programs that challenge students


“I was fortunate to have Ms. Biegalski tutor both of my grammar school daughters in all aspects of reading, comprehension and writing. She is compassionate, patient and knowledgeable. She came to tutoring sessions prepared with challenges, workbooks and lesson plans designed to specifically meet the needs of my children.

She established warm and trusting relationships with them and encouraged them to believe in their own capabilities. My husband credits her with their confidence and academic success.

I could not be happier to recommend Ms. Biegalski as a teacher, tutor and mentor.”

- Maria A.